Product key to Microsoft Office 2016 Plus

Microsoft Office 2016 is a fairly popular version and widespread software that serves the processing of electronic documents, for their creation, as well as for their revision. But, unfortunately, this program, or rather the key to it, is paid and not everyone can afford to buy a licensed product. Therefore, there are several methods of how and where you can get the key. But where and how can I get the product key to the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus product? How can this be done?

product key for Office 2016 plus

Search for a free key using Google

You can simply type in the search engine “office 2016 professional plus product key”. You will be given a huge number of sites that publish keys for this software. To activate this key, you just need to enter it into the program, in the key activation window. Keys usually have the form XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX. However, if we consider this option in practice, such keys often turn out to be of poor quality, since someone else besides you can use this key. As a result, in addition to the fact that you are likely to receive a lock, the one who entered the key before you will also receive it.

key for Office 2016 plus

Some free keys from the Internet for Office 2016 plus

  • RAG2G-K2A7K-B33DT-8JGGC-4RG87
  • X7FPN-T2634-YMJ5J-CFG46-H3RHM

Download a special program for activation

This option is suitable in a situation where the free activation key turned out to be invalid and the program could not be started. The principle of operation of such programs is that the application creates a virtual server, i.e., it is a kind of emulator. As an example of an application – KMSAUTO.

KmsAuto for Office 2021
KmsAuto for Office 2016

Just download the free version from the internet with the key already activated

This is, of course, the easiest option, but also the most dangerous. The authors of such Office 2016 builds usually encode malicious code inside. You don’t need to enter any key, but you always have a great chance of running into intruders.

Buy a license product key for Office 2016 Plus

Yes, you can just buy a license key for the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus product. It will cost much lower than the licensed program. You should understand that this method is also questionable, since authentication will easily prove that your office is an unlicensed program, and your program will not only be blocked, but sanctions may be applied to you. Microsoft developers track their programs pretty well, and if the key was bought not from them, but from some seller, then they can easily block you. And with repeated such attempts to purchase a key, you will spend significantly more money than when buying a license key. The principle of operation of this method is that the seller buys an OEM key from Microsoft, pretending to be a manufacturer, and then they are simply resold on well–known sites.

Buy a DVD with the program and enter the code

You install the program from a DVD, and the product key must be inside the box.

Buy a license key from official Microsoft distributors

It is clear that buying a key from a distributor will be much more expensive than if you buy it from some untrusted person. But in this case, you will receive a real license key that will definitely pass the piracy test and which is an official Microsoft key. There are many distributors with keys on the internet, so it won’t cause any problems.
These were the main and most popular methods that allow you to get the key to the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus product. It is important to remember that although such methods can help solve the situation, some of them still have serious consequences. The most optimal method in our opinion is to download the KMSAUTO for Office 2016 Plus. It is absolutely free and does not entail negative consequences.

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