KMSAuto is the most popular Office and Windows activator

KMSAuto is the most popular activator according to statistics for 2022. When it comes to activating Office products, the user always prefers the Kms activator. This program never leads to failures in the operating system. Does not change the Windows registry. The size of the activator is small. Next, we will describe the instructions on how to use the program.

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Do you need to activate Office products of 2016, 2021, 2013, 365, or 2019 versions? You can simply purchase a key, but it is quite expensive, and therefore, the office activator comes to help.

After activating the license, you will receive the full available functionality of the Microsoft product package.

Setting up a license is quite simple, and KMS auto will not make you spend money.

kms auto net exe

If you want to do this, you need administrator rights, Windows operating system, as well as NET Framework 4.5.

You need to download the installer and proceed to the installation.

All about KMS Office Activator:

  • What is an activator, and why is it needed?
  • Pros and cons of KMSAuto office.
  • How it works.
  • Installing KMSAuto.
  • The activator interface.
  • The functionality of the program.
  • Installation in manual mode.
  • Which office versions can be activated?
  • What errors and problems have been identified during use?
  • How do I add a program to exceptions?
    • Answers to frequently asked questions.

Installing the program.

Kmsauto activators oFFice

As soon as we install the activator and launch it, the status of the products will be shown in the information window:

Kmsauto activators oFFice


The activation process.

If there are products in the information window that require a license, then we will proceed.

Proceed to activation by clicking on the corresponding button:

Kmsauto activators oFFice

The blue window informs about the process of what is happening:

Kmsauto activators oFFice

In a few seconds we will activate the office.

Kmsauto activators oFFice

The KMS program automatically checks activation every 25 days.

Further actions are automatic and do not require user participation, you just have to enjoy the full

functionality of the Microsoft Office package.

Additional activation modes of KMSAuto Office:

In case of errors, the KMS program has 4 additional activation systems:

Kmsauto activators oFFice

Based on the situation, the user can choose from four additional activation options:

WinDivert — Installation of the activation driver.

Hook — replacement of the original activation file.

NoAuto – an utterly manual way of entering keys. Only for experienced!

TAP — activation takes place via the Tap Adapter.

DOWNLOAD KMS password 2222

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KMSAuto – free Microsoft Office Activator
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