KMSAuto free activator for Office 2016

KMSAuto lite Office 2016 (KMS activator) is an activator, a utility based on the KMS driver which allows you to activate office programs from Microsoft (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) for free.

The capabilities and functions of Office 2016 are quite enough to perform most modern tasks when editing electronic documents and tables. The system requirements of the program are minimal, unlike Office 2019, 2021. Therefore, if you have a computer with weak characteristics, then you should choose the office program of the 2016 version.

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This is a useful tool for any user because the license costs more than $ 100, which only some companies can afford.

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New features of the Office 2016:

  1. Simultaneous work of several users with Word files. Now one document is available for editing by several users in real time.
  2. Updated charts in Excel.
  3. Implemented interaction with OneDrive cloud storage.
  4. Intelligent search in the Word program.
  5. Integration with the Skype program. Now you can interact with Skype directly from the office applications, make calls and write messages to colleagues.

KMSAuto free activator for Office 2016

Office 2016 includes the following programs:

all applications that are included in the Office 2016 package

Activator Features:

  • Activation of Microsoft Office 2016 (as well as support for other office versions) by simulating a Microsoft server for license verification. Such a license is valid for 25 days, after which you need to reactivate it, the program does it automatically;
  • The task scheduling function allows you to schedule a key change every 25 days, which will make activation eternal.
  • It’s very convenient;
  • A lot of settings for professional users, including special functions. 
  • One of them is the Auto function which selects the method automatically and activates programs from the Office. If there are errors in this mode, then turn on the TAP mode;
  • The second popular mode for professionals is the Hook mode — replacement of office license files, which is performed in RAM.

How to use the KmsAuto activator:

Check for NET Framework 4.5 and higher. This library is usually available in Windows operating systems, but if it is not and KMSAuto does not start, then the framework is also available from the official Microsoft website.

Download KMSAuto and then run it as an administrator

. The program works immediately without any special settings.

In the first window of the activator, click “Activate Office”.

KmsAuto Activator Office 2016

Wait for the notification of a successful procedure.

KmsAuto Activator Office 2016

Everything is ready, and now you can use office programs.


If the activation failed, then either the antivirus prevented it (turn off the antivirus for a while), or you have a non-VL Office assembly installed. Try to select the TAP activation mode option from the list in the “System” window. 

KmsAuto Activator Office 2013

There is a second way to activate it!

In the “System” window, find the “Task Scheduler”, select the desired option from the list, and click “Create Task”. So the office activation will be performed automatically.

Also, in case of errors when activating Office 2016, you should restart your computer and perform the procedure again.

After KmsAuto Net activating Office 2016, you will be able to use all its functions.

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Were you able to activate Office 2016?
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KMSAuto – free Microsoft Office Activator
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