ChromeCacheView for Windows

ChromeCacheView is a very simple, but extremely useful tool that is necessary to view files and information stored in the cache of the Google Chrome browser. Thanks to this, users can easily remove all the garbage from the temporary storage, thereby increasing the performance of the program.

chromecacheview for windows

About the ChromeCacheView app

However, the most useful and effective function is the ability to extract files, which will allow you to save the elements stored in the browser’s memory without any difficulty. For example, it can be images, audio recordings, test files, and much more.

Program interface

A serious advantage of the utility is that it shows information about files in the most detailed and detailed form. Therefore, the type of stored items, the period of their stay in the system, the server name, the date of last use, and much more are indicated here.

Application Features

  • Ability to extract files;
  • Optimizing the browser;
  • Detailed information about temporary storage;
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface;

You can’t always view all the files that the browser caches and there is no way to selectively delete the largest and most unnecessary files. This program will help to implement this.

You can download ChromeCacheView for free on the official website of the developer. Link at the end of the article. By downloading programs from the developers’ website, you protect yourself from virus programs.

ChromeCacheView free download

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