Luminar Neo for Windows

Luminar Neo is an image editing program based on advanced artificial intelligence.

Luminar-Neo for windows

About the Luminar Neo

Skylum specialists do not use already known and popular algorithms, but use their own developments for the program. The program belongs to the category of professional and offers users a number of unique functions.

Let’s talk about what those who chose Luminar can use.

Program Features

The most unique tools in the program are related to lighting editing. Now you can literally place any lighting on the picture from scratch and edit every even the most inconspicuous detail;
background replacement tools are popular. The program automatically selects the main image and separates it from the background, instead of which you can place anything on the picture;
some of the tools presented are also available in other programs, therefore it is important to remember about the most important feature of the application – it is automatic operation based on the use of advanced AI.

One of the important advantages of Luminar is the preservation of high computer performance even when the program solves the most difficult tasks. For the first time, image processing using AI does not require disabling other programs and waiting for the result for a long time.

Download Luminar Neo

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