CINEMA 4D Studio for Windows

CINEMA 4D Studio is a paid package program for creating 3D objects and video special effects. It can be used to process video files using the Guro method, which eliminates the discreteness of changing the intensity of transitions between frames.

cinema 4d for Windows

Main features

  • Combining different types of modeling in one project.
  • Convenient editing of objects by switching between surfaces, inflection points, edges and other constituent elements.
  • A large selection of tools for working with 3D objects.
  • Integration of third-party visualizers (connection to the core of the program).
  • A variety of templates, complex shaders and images.
  • The function of cloning objects, which allows you to automate the process of creating animations.
  • Creating realistic physical phenomena using the MoDynamics module.
  • A lighting function that allows you to create lighting effects to give realism to objects.
  • The integration of the “Substance Engine” engine allows you to create effects of object movements for computer games.
  • Creating and editing video files.
  • The Guro rendering function.
  • Conversion to any video format.
  • Built-in rendering optimization tools.
  • Creating texture maps.
  • Character animation.
  • The function of working with the hair of the character.
  • Creating an animation design.

Convenience and interface

The program has a user-friendly interface thanks to sorting functions by menu items.

The program is divided into several functional modules designed to perform specific actions. If the user plans to create an effect and does not know where to start, then a variety of videos on the website of the application manufacturer will be useful to him.

Program supported of the “Substance Engine” function, used to create various effects in the gaming industry. It is also worth paying attention to Guro rendering. It allows you to make a video project, which consists of pictures, realistic by smoothing the discreteness of transitions between frames.

For comfortable operation of the application, you need a high-performance microprocessor, a discrete graphics card (at least 1 GB) and large amounts of RAM (at least 8 GB).


  • Versatility (animation creation, modeling, visualization of effects and many other functions).
  • High-performance rendering.
  • Simple and intuitive interface (unlike 3D Max).
  • A variety of video tutorials on creating special effects, 3D modeling and other interesting “gadgets”.
  • Identification of “bugs” through testing.
  • Huge selection of templates.
  • Support for popular image and video file formats.
  • Integration of other plugins.


High requirements for personal computer resources.
Paid version.

The program is suitable not only for users who plan to earn money on creating special effects in the future, but also for fans of creating something interesting.

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