digiKam for Windows

digiKam – this digital product is absolutely free, very practical and multifunctional program that serves to import photos, edit them, exchange and store them on a personal computer. The application supports correct operation with almost all types of graphic extensions, including raw format components.

digiKam for Windows

About the digiKam program

The utility will be especially useful for professional photographers who have accumulated a huge number of different images. Therefore, in order to somehow structure the images and organize their storage, it would be rational to use this specialized application.

Also an important feature of the program is that it has a completely open source code, due to which you will be able to make various technical and software changes yourself. The software is as simple and responsive as possible in its use, largely due to the intuitive interface.

Application Features

  • Free utility for organizing photo storage;
  • Wide support for graphic image formats;
  • Ability to work with raw components;
  • Wide functionality: editing, importing, sharing, organizing data;

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