Mixcraft Pro Studio for Windows

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio is a powerful studio for creating music compositions and dubbing videos. It has many features that give the track a unique sound. Evaluate all the features in the fully functional free version right now! The new, surprisingly flexible performance panel with automatic synchronization and looping of musical parts and MIDI clips will be the perfect assistant for live performances. Turn your computer into a fully equipped professional production center – wherever you are!

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio for Windows

Main features

  • Sound recording.
  • Creating tracks and remixes.
  • Voice-over and video editing.
  • Compatible with 64-bit operating systems.
  • The use of more than 8,000 professional loops and effects for compositions.
  • Availability of tools with various functions for working with sound and video.
  • Support for multi-channel hosting “VSTi” and “ReWire”.
  • Recording in several layers.
  • Support for an unlimited number of hardware outputs.
  • Sound frequency offset.
  • Compression and stretching of the track.
  • Support for multi-channel equipment.
  • Editing videos.
  • Rearrangement of the sound rhythm using a unique deformation algorithm.
  • Support for the virtual synthesizer function.
  • Limitation of the recording area.
  • Looping the record.
  • Grouping of audio tracks.
  • Support for trioles and musical notation.
  • Guitar tuner function.

Interface and convenience

The program has a complex interface. If the program was installed for the first time, then the user needs time to study it.

The studio is installed simply. It is paid. However, the developers provide to try out all its features within 14 calendar days.

Application is a flexible and simple performance control panel, which has automatic synchronization and allows you to use the studio for “live” performances. This means that a personal computer can be “turned” into a production center anywhere.


  • Compatible with 64-bit operating system architectures.
  • Multi-layer recording.
  • Support for looping tracks.
  • A variety of loops and effects.
  • A simple performance control panel.
  • A two-week test period in full-featured mode.
  • Music hosting support.
  • Working with video files.
  • Support for all audio formats.
  • The function of the sound frequency offset.
  • Support for an unlimited number of hardware outputs.


High system requirements.
You cannot use the built-in sound card.
The recording quality depends on the microphone.
Difficulty in mastering the program.

The studio program allows you to replace the production center due to its wide capabilities and versatility. It is suitable for musicians giving concerts in public not only at home, but also in other countries.

Download Mixcraft Pro Studio

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