Glary Disk Cleaner Pro for Windows

Glary Disk Cleaner Pro is a very effective and convenient virtual tool whose functions are designed to improve the performance of your personal computer. This effect will be achieved by removing all unnecessary file garbage after activating Win and Office. The program also deletes old unused files with the user’s consent. Sometimes these unnecessary files can even take up gigabytes of memory.

Glary Disk Cleaner Pro for windows

Program Features

The utility can work with absolutely any type of media, because its work is based on scanning equipment, and only after that the removal of all unnecessary elements begins. Additionally, you can set all the values for more convenient sorting of files.

The most pleasant advantage of this utility is that it is distributed for free, this opens up full access to the capabilities of the software. You can download the free version of the program on the official website.

Features of Disk Cleaner Pro

  • High scanning speed
  • Simplified system of work
  • Relevant for all types of equipment
  • The ability to selectively remove components

This program is a free alternative to the Ccleaner application. In order to download the Disk Cleaner Pro program for free, you should follow the link below.

Download Glary Disk Cleaner Pro for Windows

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