Mumble for Windows

Mumble is an open—source cross-platform application for voice communication of users during gameplay. It includes “sound positioning” technology.

mumble for windows

Main features

Support for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Apple iOS, macOS X and Android).
Simultaneous voice communication with 10,000 participants.
Minimizing the load on the hardware of the device.
Creating separate rooms for communication with restricted access rights.
Recording voice communication to a file.
High sound quality.
Sound positioning function.
Reliability of information exchange.
Support for encrypted connection via SSL protocol.
Encryption of all traffic via I2P and TOR.
Built-in Overlay.
Quickly connect to a voice server and create your own.

Convenience and interface

The program has a simple interface. The application is quickly configured and connects automatically to the running game. Customization does not require additional functions.

Program is the technology of “sound positioning”, which allows you to change the voice during the game. It can be rude, giving the player solidity, as well as squeaky, causing laughter. The use of such techniques allows you to defeat even strong opponents in unequal battles, since laughter significantly reduces attention.

When configuring the application, you need to specify the parameters of the voice server, and then connect to it using the appropriate button. You can add it to your Favorites for a quick connection.

In the program, you can configure the protocol by which the connection will be made. A convenient voice communication recording function allows you to listen to useful information and important comments from other players.


  • Recording of communication between players.
  • Reliable connection to the server.
  • Simple program setup.
  • High sound quality.
  • Voice change.
  • Support for all operating systems.
  • The number of subscribers can reach 10,000.
  • Traffic encryption.
  • The program is not demanding on the resources of the devices on which it is installed.
  • Creating your own voice servers.


Encrypted traffic sometimes “does not pass” some voice messages.
High sound quality sometimes leads to the formation of additional noise when using a microphone.

The program is popular among gamers, thanks to its simple interface and a variety of functionality. She can change her voice beyond recognition, and the high sound quality allows you to enjoy the gameplay and communication with teammates.

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