Process Explorer for Windows

Process Explorer is a program designed to monitor processes in the Windows operating system. The information provided by the application differs in details, unlike an ordinary task manager. You can see for yourself how much better this application is than the built-in Task Manager program.

Process-Explorer for windows

Main features

  1. Displaying processes in a hierarchy in the form of a tree.
  2. System process identifier support.
  3. Displaying the manufacturer and icons for each process.
  4. Graphical representation of the loading of the central microprocessor, network card, RAM and virtual, as well as information about the operation of the hard disk.
  5. “Freezing” of the process.
  6. Flow control.
  7. Output of a window for each process.
  8. Complete closure of a thread branch consisting of certain services.
  9. The choice of priority, as well as the kernel on which the task will be performed (manual redistribution of personal computer resources).
  10. Verifying the process file certificate.
  11. For an ACL object containing a list of access rights, the Security tab is displayed.

Convenience and interface

The program has a simple and intuitive interface. The menu consists of a small number of functions. For quick access to processes and their properties, you can also use the context menu.

Program is the ability to determine the type of process using a special “identifier”. In other words, the user can find out whether it is worth stopping it or it is a system one. It should be remembered that stopping the system process leads to a critical error in the operating system.

In the application window there are special graphical indicators that allow you to see the load on the main devices of a personal computer. The program allows you to determine not only the name of the resource, but also the files that are associated with it.


  • Detailed information about the processes.
  • Displaying a hierarchical structure.
  • Support for 64-bit systems.
  • Identification of the process type.
  • A free program.
  • Manual reallocation of resources.
  • Information about certificates and their verification.
  • Flow control.
  • The “freeze” function.
  • Ease of use.


The program consumes slightly more system resources than the task Manager.
The presence of only the English interface.

The application is suitable for most users who study Windows operating systems in detail. The program is a worthy replacement for the task manager.

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